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Home Business Center

Shine Broadband Service is the best choice for home / corporate based plans and its so easy to access the Internet with low cost. Shine Broadband provide the best choice for unlimited data access to home users. With Shine Broadband, discover the flawless Connectivity and Endless Possibilities. Surf you data with secure network without any limitations.

Small Scale Business Center

Zoom up your business with us. Shine Broadband Provide 24 x 7 service and technology for small scale Business centers. Connect with dedicated Internet for our dedicated clients. We Offers Best tariff for small scale business centers. Wireless technology used to provide high level secured data access and avoid ethical hacking . We provide business class service and highly reliable data access . We are available anywhere even in rural areas . Shine focused business class customers like educational institutions, hospitalities and malls.

Wireless Solutions

Point to point / Multi point wireless Network

The inter connectivity established between two or more distant locations (WAN) on wireless radio frequency. A wireless point to point/multipoint link can bridge two or more separate Ethernet network into one large network or can even perform special functions like route networks based on the user requirement. The Point-to-Point Link can work as a broadband backbone for hotspots, outdoor coverage access points and DSL switches. For creating such connections we recommend to use our 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz wireless Outdoor Point-to- Point Bridge Kit, Outdoor Bridge High power or Multi band Router.

FTTH [ Fiber to the Home ] Broadband

Fiber-to-the-home broadband connections, or FTTH broadband connections, refer to fiber optic cable connections for individual residences. Such optics-based systems can deliver a multitude of digital information -- telephone, video, data, etc -- more efficiently than traditional copper coaxial cable for about the same price. FTTH premises depend on both active and passive optical networks to function.The pressure for better connectivity is one of the main reasons providers and users are looking at fiber-to-the-home broadband connections as a potential solution.

Features and Applications

  • Shared data , resource and applications commonly.
  • Manage data centrally and effectively.
  • Share common services like Internet and voice.
  • Manage and control devices like CCTV cameras, attendance and control devices centrally.
  • Must for implementation of service like ERP (Enterprise resource planning).

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Shine is a leading IT System Integration company with the Next Generation Technology offerings on Tele Communication Systems, Data, Surveillance and much more than that you would get from anywhere else.

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